Links to external video and photo pages. 

Below are two links which show some further views of my layout.
 The first is a short video shot for Model Rail magazine and
"Lowery Towers"is a selection of both colour and monochrome photos.
 Each will open in a new window.
Please close each window in order to return to my website.

Thanks to Chris Nevard and Model Rail for this media.

You can contact me on 01733 252132 or email me on

Modern Wagons Home

Model Rail Video

The video shows a number of loco's running through various
 parts of my layout and also contains authentic sounds and
lighting effects created for me by Bryan Robertson.

Lowery Towers

This page shows some of the brilliant photos
taken by Chris Nevard. Some colour, some
black and white.

MRA Side Tipper Video

This short video shows a set of MRA
side tipper ballast wagons.

HQA Autoballaster Video

This video shows HQA autoballaster
wagons passing MRA side tippers.